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Drones for Stockpile Measurement
volume measurement

Photogrammetric techniques allow us to measure volumes or negative spaces with a surprisingly low percent of error. Currently, we are providing these services to aggregate yards on a monthly basis for inventory management of stockpiles. Additionally, we are operating the UAV over large open pits, measuring the amount of material removed, to determine future remediation effort and costing.

Drones for surface modeling
Surface modeling

If you require highly accurate 3-dimensional products like digital surface/elevation models (DSMs/DEMs) for GIS, or 1' interval contours for CAD, our photogrammetry UAS is capable of producing models with vertical accuracy down to 4-6". We use ground control for every job we do, using only survey-grade receivers, distributed around the entire site.

Drones for Aerial Imagery

Our mapping UAVs allow us to create next-day, full-color orthorectified imagery for any application down to 1-inch (2.5cm) resolution. Every orthomosaic we produce is accurate within 3-6", because we benefit from using survey-grade control each time. We strive to ensure that each imagery set is accurate to eliminate positional uncertainty when using the imagery for reference purposes.

OUR clients

city of brighton
City of Brighton, colorado

The City of Brighton, Colorado, has hired us to use UAVs for multiple purposes, chief among them being change detection over the course of a major development project. In addition, we are helping the Utilities Department benefit from high-resolution imagery products for stormwater management, and as-built identification and condition assessment.


Duraroot is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in providing natural resource management and reclamation services with emphasis placed on the soil and agronomic sciences. We are guiding Duraroot through the process of setting up a formal UAV program, development of a data workflow, and offering flight services for their various projects.

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